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Vaadin and ramblings

Well, it's time for some more random thoughts about my hobby development stuff. It's been awhile since I've really had any major projects -- there was nothing that I was extremely excited about, and I was having still a lot of fun playing Starcraft 2 in the evenings. But now the momentum of groups of us playing together has died down (it took a year!), so I've been thinking it's time to start on another project.
Now the important question is "is there any larger-scale project that I will actually take the time to finish up?" I love starting hobby projects. But part of being a hobby project is that I have to enjoy it, or I'll stop. I've got quite a few hobby development projects that I stopped, mainly because they stopped being fun. (and one project that I somehow lost 2 weeks of work on, (did I really go 2 weeks without checking into source control? I can't imagine I did...) which really killed my desire to work on it).
So I've messed…