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Back at it

Well, I'm back at it.  Without an artist, that means one of 3 things:

1.  Make a video game with ugly graphics (either a plain ugly game, or some game where I can cheat and use the theme in some way to my advantage to get away with some sort of ugly)

2.  Have my next programming project be a non-game (that doesn't require an artist)

3. Port Anguna to something else!

So, here I go on step 3.

I recently found a cool product called the Airplay SDK, which is a whole toolkit for doing handheld game development in C++.  Using it, depending on licensing and whatnot, you can build games for all sorts of things:  iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile,  etc.  The important part to notice was that I could make iphone games without going out and buying a Mac! (I had an old mac mini at one point, but it was too pathetic to do development on...and the iphone develepor tools required an intel mac, which this wasn't). 

So I bought an iPod touch and started porting.  Unfortunately, a week or tw…