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Level Design

About half the time when I design a level on Robo-Ninja, I'm moderately dissatisfied with it when I'm finished. It's either too hard, too easy, not interesting enough, or too dependent on getting lucky on your timing instead of actually figuring out how to do it properly.

Tonight, I finally built (most of) a level that I'm quite happy with. It's not hard to get through once you figure out the timings and what to do. But it will probably take a few tries to figure out those timings. And the arrangement of elements on the screen isn't as boring as some of the other maps I've done recently.

I've got quite a few levels to go...hopefully I can keep this up.

Progress progress progress

So I guess I haven't posted in almost a month. Mainly due to a combination of:

Only having about 30 minutes to an hour at any given time to work on RoboNinja, so by the time I get some work done on it, I don't have as much time to talk about it.The kids had "no screen week"in the middle of May, which meant I decided to take a week off from playing on my computer at home. ("playing" including my hobby programming!)I've had more home repairs than usual, so I've been busier in the evenings than I'd like Anyway, despite all that, I've been still gradually making progress. First, I managed to get the minimap sorted out -- my build script goes through each map file and builds a minimap image once at build time. Then as you go through the world, it copies little sections from that image to a blank image that is gradually built up to be the minimap that the player can see. When the player saves his progress, I just save that image, and keep gradually…