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Lack of UI libraries in Angular Dart

So I'm still slowly chugging along playing with Angular Dart.

The thing that's bothering me now is, because the it's such a new language/framework, is the lack of decent UI stuff. I needed a pretty date picker for my test project. I could either use the HTML5 date picker which isn't supported in half the browsers out there, or write my own.  I guess I could alternatively import all of jQuery and figure out how to get Angular Dart to talk to a jQuery widget. Ugh.  I finally found someone that had written one using WebUI, a deprecated system for making widgets in Dart, and managed to port it over to Angular. (if you are reading this and need one, email me!)

Tonight it was an autocompleter that I needed. Again, I ended up spending awhile converting a WebUI widget. Which is great practice for learning a language and framework, so I'm not complaining too much. But it certainly cuts down on the productivity.

The way components in Angular Dart are written, I can envision …


Huh, that's what I get for not proofreading my last post. Didn't realize Blogger was incapable of escaping my HTML for me, so it mangled my code. It's corrected now.

And so after playing with Angular Dart for a while longer, I'm really annoyed at the Dart to Javascript conversion. Plenty of stuff works wonderfully in Dart proper, but then fails with cryptic error messages once converted to Javascript. I'm not sure if that's just immaturity in the environment, but if not, it's a pretty big show-stopper. This platform only works if the compilation to javascript is relatively seamless.

A week with Angular Dart

So I'm taking a (hopefully) short break from RoboNinja. With the baby, I have a couple hours in the evening where I hold her as she's winding down.  By that time, and with the one-and-a-half-hands that I have available, I just can't bring myself to try to do any serious work on it.

So instead, I decided to spend a little time fooling around learning a new web framework (Since with a new technology, you spend as much time reading as you do actually typing!) I think I've mentioned before on there that I'm always looking for new web frameworks that try to make web programming not suck. (And the vast majority fail miserably). So this time I decided it was time to try Angular Dart.

Dart is a new language from Google that attempts to replace Javascript. It's not perfect, but it's a whole lot more "normal" -- it uses class-based OO, reasonable scoping rules, etc.  Since basically no browsers support it, it can compile down to javascript. So theoretically …