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More Progress

I've been quiet, but I've been SLOWLY making progress.  The downtime before and after phase 2 of the Starcraft 2 beta really helped me get a little done.

Recent accomplishments include:
I got the first overworld area and the rocky overworld area completely working (the outdoor parts)I've successfully broken up resource loading into the separate areas, so it waits to load graphics resources for the various dungeons until they are needed.HUD stuff including enemy portraits is in place. The subscreen is mostly finished.  I've finished the inventory screen, finished the map screen (and thanks to the nice resolution of the iDevices, the subscreen map is just a tiny image of the actual screenshots for each area, which looks slick, in my opinion), added the enemy database, and still need to do the "options" screen.The base code for saving and loading is in place, but I haven't yet put any UI in for it.  I'm leaning towards auto-saving each time you change roo…


Well, now that the Starcraft 2 beta is closed (at least for a few weeks) it's time to get some more done.  I haven't done much since the last post.  Mostly it's been reworking UI bits.  I'm not a huge fan of the lack of buttons on the iphone/touch, but I guess everyone has to deal with that.   I've been working on getting some on-screen UI for health/control buttons/etc.

Tonight I finally also got the main inventory subscreen somewhat laid out, mostly similar to the gba version, but slightly different, since the font resolution is much higher.  I'll also need to add options to toggle to the map or enemy database, but that can come later.

The other thing I need to work on is the control scheme.  It will use a simple on-screen control pad, but in playing other iphone games to get ideas, I've noticed that some of them with control pads work well, and some of them are completely miserable to use.  A lot of it will be fine-tuning the hot spots, dimensions of the…


Well, progress is going a little slower than anticipated, mainly due to the fact that I finally got into the Starcraft 2 beta, so my spare time is being split between Anguna and Starcraft.  But that aside, things are going fairly well.

The framerate issue from before is trivial to fix, so that's been addressed.

Performance was more interesting.  If I render the entire background every frame like I planned on doing, things USUALLY worked fine, but would occasionally get sluggish if the device was doing stuff in the background (checking mail, getting push notifications, doing whatever else that crazy thing does).  So I decided as a workaround to prerender each background to an offscreen surface, then just blit that to the main display every frame.  Which worked fine, except that there was some sort of odd behavior in the graphics system where it wouldn't actually destroy/release memory from offscreen surfaces when I was done with them (or at least do so in a timely fashion), so…

Running on Hardware

I just got into the developer program, so I can finally run things on hardware!

Unfortunately, I had the same experience as last time I did the switch from purely testing on simulators/emulators to testing on hardware.  Things were working great in the simulator, I loaded it on hardware, and it just crashed and died.  It took it about 5 seconds sitting at the loading screen, then crashed back to the menu (or whatever it's called on the iphone/touch).

A couple hours of debugging turned up the same issue as last time -- I was initializing some things incorrectly, which led to some bad pointers, which somehow, out of pure luck (would that be good luck or bad luck?  I'm not sure) worked just fine in a simulator, but caused seg faults/null pointers on the real thing.

Luckily, it wasn't as hard to track down as it COULD have been, so as of today, it's running on hardware!

A couple thoughts/surprises:
1.  My framerate is too high.  The framework I'm using locked things to…

Back at it

Well, I'm back at it.  Without an artist, that means one of 3 things:

1.  Make a video game with ugly graphics (either a plain ugly game, or some game where I can cheat and use the theme in some way to my advantage to get away with some sort of ugly)

2.  Have my next programming project be a non-game (that doesn't require an artist)

3. Port Anguna to something else!

So, here I go on step 3.

I recently found a cool product called the Airplay SDK, which is a whole toolkit for doing handheld game development in C++.  Using it, depending on licensing and whatnot, you can build games for all sorts of things:  iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile,  etc.  The important part to notice was that I could make iphone games without going out and buying a Mac! (I had an old mac mini at one point, but it was too pathetic to do development on...and the iphone develepor tools required an intel mac, which this wasn't). 

So I bought an iPod touch and started porting.  Unfortunately, a week or tw…