Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So here's where everything's at right now:

GBA Anguna: new content is finished, the rom is being playtested by folks at Piko Interactive (which they've already found (and I've fixed) one bug), hopefully soon will be sent off for production!

Robo-Ninja: The game is pretty close to finished. This week I've been working on the ending sequences and more google play services integration. I might skip the cloud saved games (it looks like a bit of a pain to convert my save game format to work with it, but we'll see).  The biggest change is that Chris (the guy that did the graphics for Anguna and the new awesome Robo-Ninja character graphic) has some great looking designs for improvements to other graphics in the game, including all the UI bits, so I'm planning to wait to see what he comes up with, and probably do a bit of reworking all the UI to use his designs.  (although there's still a little bit of work to do until then: tweaking some level designs, testing, and improved keyboard controls for non-touch screens (I plan to provide both a java desktop download, as well as a Google Chrome app)).

Atari Anguna: This poor guy has been getting neglected thanks to the work on GBA Anguna and trying to do a mad dash to finish Robo-Ninja. The core engine is in pretty good shape, and I need to build out a test dungeon to do some more in-depth testing. The next steps will be getting the header/hud thing working right, and then secondary items (bow & arrow, dynamite, etc).


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