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Roboninja final boss

I haven't touched Roboninja in a little while, but I finally sat down the last couple nights to start on the final big thing: the boss fight.

I don't have much of it yet, but I've got a start at least: a room and a decent enemy graphic.

Now I really need to spend some design/thinking time, to figure out exactly how I want this battle to work....

2 more bytes!

I just trimmed down 2 bytes of my ram usage in Atari Anguna. Just saying.

For anyone crazy enough to care how.... I was using 2 bytes of ram to set up an indirect jmp instruction to jump to the subroutine I use to update enemies:

LDY#6;load the address from the enemy  ;definition into the EnemyUpdateFuncLDA(EnemyDef),YSTAEnemyUpdateFuncLDY#7LDA(EnemyDef),YSTAEnemyUpdateFunc+1JMP(EnemyUpdateFunc);then jump to it Which means that the 2 bytes for the EnemyUpdateFunc address were only used in this one particular spot. I also found another place where 2 consecutive bytes were only used for a small limited time (temporary variables used to set up the playfield while drawing the health/status header). Combining these 2 to use the same memory knocked TWO WHOLE BYTES off my ram usage. Hooray!

Old phone as SSH server

I guess I'm on a kick trying to actually use my pile of old broken-down smart phones.
This time, while I was at work one day and was wanting to access my home network, I was wishing I had a linux machine at home that I could ssh into. My laptop at home is linux, but I don't leave it turned on. The home server is Windows, because it's also my media center, and sadly, Windows Media Center is still the best option for a media center with DVR. I wanted to run a small, light linux machine alongside it, just to be able to get in via ssh from outside, and do whatever from there.

I had a raspberry pi at one point, which would have been perfect, but I sold it. And for things like this, part of the fun is to do it without buying more stuff. So I decided not to buy another pi. I thought about just running a linux VM on the windows machine, but it's already a bit underpowered for what it does (it gets a little slow when watching an HD recording while also simultaneously recording…

Windows Phone as "notification screen"

I recently bought a low-end windows phone from a coworker for $10, not really having any particular plan for it, but thinking I might be able to do something cool with it. Well, for the past couple weeks, it's just been sitting on my desk collecting dust.

Until a couple days ago, I decided I wanted to try to use it as a sort of 3rd screen at work, where notifications could be shown. I've got a few things (pidgin chat windows, emails, linux desktop notifications) that I want to be aware of, but I sometimes miss. My icon for pidgin changes color when I have a new message, but sometimes it's a hassle to pop it up to the top if it's not important (and it's hard to know if it's important without seeing it!) Thunderbird shows a desktop notification on new email arrival, but that only lasts for a couple seconds; I often miss it, and then I have to go click on it to see if there's mail.  1st world problems, yes. And I'm not sure I really need to fix them. But r…


Making progress!

Last night, I've finished the last robo-ninja room before the "flying up high to find Dr Squidbrain" sequence (which is a room or two, then the big boss fight). It's so great to be close to being finished, although the boss fight is going to take a lot of work, a lot of code, and a lot of scrounging trying to find appropriate graphics!

I haven't been doing quite as much with Atari Anguna. (the great thing about having 2 simultaneous hobby projects is that when I get bored of one, I can get excited about the other!) A couple weeks ago I got it to the point where if you killed all the enemies in the right room, a key would appear. You could pick it up, take it to the matching locked door in the a different room, and open the door with it. It's almost like a real game at this point!

But like a said in a previous post, I did the math and realized I'm running out of code space in my primary rom bank. I considered moving a block of code to the …

Alternate Dimension

With Chris's new graphics, Robo-Ninja is looking better than ever. And with this fun new alternate dimension, I'm finally back on a roll making new levels. The crazy speed-up mechanic is making it a lot of fun. Instead of trying to create weird convoluted challenges for new maps, I'm just making big long rooms with very simple layouts of spikes to jump over. If the game was played at a normal pace, these levels would be, as my kids like to say, "easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy." But at crazy insane speed, it's hard and loads of fun (at least, for a crazy person like me).

Only about 5 more rooms to go, and I'm done making maps! Of course, then I'll have to spend a good bit of time and code on the boss fight, ending story, credits, and a myriad of other things I've been putting off (a proper options screen, etc)

The end is in sight!