Monday, January 11, 2016

Making things!

A few random updates:

  • My Life in Space game is done, I think. The Jam ends in about 5 days. I'm doing some last testing, and then will submit it. If anyone has an Android phone and wants to test for me, holler. It's pretty small compared to some of the crazy stuff that other people are doing for the jam, but I'm just happy to have a finished project that I think is interesting.
  • I'm finally about done with the crop insurance project, which means more time for hobby projects!
  • I've actually started working on Atari Anguna again in earnest. I'll probably be talking a bit more about that, but I've done a bunch of work on cleaning up my half-finished door code, fixed a number of small timing issues with my kernel, and even got the Bow and Arrow item ALMOST working!
  • I really liked having 2 projects at once with Robo-Ninja and Atari Anguna, so that means it's time to start thinking about my 2nd project.  Right now, the major options are either port Anguna to Android (using the C++ code that I had 2/3 finished from years ago when I attempted to port it to iPhone), or start on a NES game. I'm leaning toward the NES game, which means I might spend a lot of time here droning on about the interesting differences between the Atari and the NES.  (They both use the 6502 processor, but there's not much similarity beyond that!)

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