Monday, October 16, 2017

Quad-Games and PRGE

Well, I have 3 games (of hopefully 4) of my "Quad-Games" collection done: Quad-Joust, Quad-Tank, and Bomb-Defense.  Thanks to some friends that came over for an evening of testing (thanks guys!) we found a bunch of bugs and potential new features.

I've spent the past couple weeks hammering out bugs, and re-testing repeatedly, mostly with my family.  Now PRGE is almost here, so I'll have to call it done for now.  I'm pretty excited to have it out to demo, and see what people think when they play it.

Bomb Defense is the preferred game for my wife and daughter, who prefer co-op play.

A few other updates:

  • Some bugs have been reported in Atari Anguna, so I've been working feverishly to fix and test them before PRGE, so new carts sold there can include the bug fix
  • I've also had a request for a PAL-compatible version of Anguna, so I've been working on a PAL-60 version that will play in whatever places used PAL TVs.
  • I've finally gotten back to work on the NES game.  The scrolling engine seems to finally be working, so I was pretty quickly able to add a main character that can jump around and collide semi-properly with the environment.  More on that soon!

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