Friday, June 7, 2019

Moving platforms working

Ok, another lunch hour devoted to the platforms, and they're working!  My idea of how to make them ended up working perfectly.

I ended up wasting about 45 minutes though due to a stupid optimization. Instead of checking collisions against the full world coordinates of the player and platform (which are 2 bytes instead of 1, thus requiring quite a bit more instructions for the collision check), I was just caching and comparing their on-screen rendered coordinates (which is just 1 byte).  That works well EXCEPT for the fact that the player's render coordinates are calculated AFTER the collision check, meaning they're one frame behind.  For a lot of things, that one frame might not matter, but here it caused the player to keep getting stuck in the platforms.

Once I removed my silly optimization, things worked great!  Although I need to make some minor changes to the camera code. Right now the camera only scrolls horizontally when the player moves naturally, but not when the platform pushes the player.  Meaning currently a platform can drag you offscreen. That needs to change.

The nice thing about this addition is all the ways it can be used in gameplay: moving platforms, moving walls that get in your way, enemies that can be frozen and climbed, barriers that can get moved by a switch or trigger, etc.

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