Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Main development finished?

Wow, I've gotten here faster than I thought.

Today I managed to knock out a bunch of little stuff:
  • cleaning up warnings
  • fixing the enemy database text entries
  • cleaning up game over screens and some transitional screens
  • further testing/cleanup of saving and loading

Which really means that I'm pretty much done!

Although I must tell the story of when I was at this point on the GBA version of Anguna, I told my wife Sara that I was "done with the development" after 3 years of working on it. But when I spent the next month testing, fixing random bugs, and then fixing bugs that other people in internet land found, she started laughing at my concept of "done." So, with that being said, stuff that's left:

1. Update the credits. I'm not using Kusma's awesome Pimpmobile audio player anymore (since there's no DS version), but switched to LibMikMod (which, despite the fact that I'm incredibly happy that it exists, I'm not as impressed with). I also want to mention Electrobee and Tim Dudek in there, for donating hardware stuff to make this thing happen. And I ended up pulling out 1 one my 3 songs that I used, as it didn't work with LibMikMod, so I guess I need to un-credit Magic Fred who composed it. (Sorry Fred! (For those of you who might think I'm blowing off Fred's work, he didn't compose the song for Anguna, but made it freely available for people like me to use)) So if anyone wants to compose a cool intro song for Anguna, feel free!

1.5 Decide if I want to try to actively search for a replacement intro song, or a composer for it. Probably not, but I'll think about it.

2. Updating documentation/readme files, etc. LibMikMod is LGPL, which is a pain, as I have to include all their licensing documentation, make object files available, etc.

3. Chris (the guy who did the graphics) has said that he might want to create some cool new eye-candy splash screen/cut scene type stuff. If he does, I'll need to figure out how and where to add that in.

4. Test. And test. And bug fix. And test some more. And get other people to test for me. At some point soon I'm going to try to recruit some people to playtest for me before I publicly release the thing, so if anyone is interested, please let me know.

5. Test some more.

6. Test.

7. Release AngunaDS, and bask in the glory of being done!

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