Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still here

I've been quiet for the past couple weeks. I'm still here, I promise, and still working on Anguna.

I found a few volunteers, who have been incredible in finding lots of little (and some not so little) bugs for me to fix. I've gotten through most of them, but there's still a couple more to go before I call the thing "done." They also brought it to my attention that to play nicely, I should support going to low power mode when the DS lid is closed. I guess that's a pretty standard thing to do (I don't know, about the only thing I use my DS for is developing Anguna, and playing occasional homebrew games for 5 minutes at a time (you can probably guess what else I'm doing during those 5 minutes)), but it doesn't automatically have to program it in: detect the lid closing, turn off the video, put the ARM9 processor in lower power mode, do the same for the ARM7, set up interrupts so the processors come back on when the lid opens, etc. Bleh.

Also, during testing, I've found that mikmod just isn't reliable enough....I've been getting all sorts of glitches in sound. So I need to replace that with something else. So the hunt is on to find a better XM player.

Ok, that's all. Just wanted to keep the world (both of you) posted, and aware that I'm still working on this!

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Jake T said...

it only takes you 5 minutes to take a dookie?

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