Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pebble MedsAlarm

So I previously mentioned the Pebble Alarm Clock App that I've been working on. I just came here to say that I think it's finally finished. If anyone is interested in helping me test it, let me know, as it's probably full of all sorts of bugs.

And just to clarify, MedsAlarm (my terrible name for it), is an alarm clock app for pebble that lets you manage up to 10 "complex" alarms. The alarms are all configured using a simple web interface on the server component. Each has a name, and can be set to go off either at a certain time each day, or repeat every X amount of time throughout the day, and each alarm can have a different "snooze time" setting. The watch syncs (via httPebble) with the server app when it is available (But attempts to function independently when it isn't, so it can be used in situations where cell phones aren't allowed). In the evening you can optionally press a button to put the watch "to sleep" so that repeating alarms will not continue to go off through the night, until you awaken the watch in the morning.

When no alarm is going off, the watch app shows the current date and time, as well an indicator telling what the next alarm to go off will be, and how long until it goes off.

Anyway, again, let me know if anyone is interested in helping test (or using the watch app once it's fully tested and any remaining bugs are sorted out)

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