Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to the Ninja

Well, the Dart coding was fun. I ended up spending a few weeks-worth of coding-with-one-hand-while-holding-a-baby-in-another playing with it. My verdict: I'm not sure I was any more efficient working in it (particularly with the combined pain of learning a new language/framework, lack of documentation, and lack of 3rd party libraries), it was definitely less painful than javascript or other traditional ways of doing web development. I'll be interested to see if it goes anywhere. Being a Google technology, I don't have my hopes up.

So this week, I'm back at Robo-Ninja. I think the trick to getting me to finish a development project is to have a fan. Having Aaron pester me about it is a good motivation!

So during approximately 10 minutes last night, and 15 tonight, I managed to get the consumable slow-motion powerup working. It was one of those happy times where everything fits smoothly into your design without bumping into any nasty corners.

I also realized from testing that my icons for cycling through your abilities were too small. It was fine on the computer with the mouse, but once I had my hands on the screen, blocking my view, it was really hard to tap the right spot quickly between manically tapping the screen to time my jumps and slides. So I've increased the size. Hopefully that will help, but I haven't had a chance to test on my actual phone again yet.
The icon on the left is after the size increase. The consumable items on the right are how big they were originally. 

Next steps: the wall cling ability, and the minimap.

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