Friday, February 20, 2015

Final Robo-Ninja tileset

I'm finally sitting down and building the file world graphics tileset for Robo-Ninja. The end is in sight!  I'm using this simple tileset from OpenGameArt. For each tileset, I usually have to spend some time massaging it to get it to work. I need my graphics to be in 16x16 tiles. But, like this tileset, often the source material isn't on any sort of grid, so I have to do some work to shove it into a grid. Then, to prevent any blurring of neighboring tiles during any possible scaling, I run it through a gimp script that converts it into 18x18 tiles, where each tile has a duplicated edge on each outside border. So any neighboring pixels for scaling are just the same as the original pixel.

Then I have to import it into my tile editor (Tiled), and then set up map properties (such as which tiles are spikes, etc), pick out a backdrop image for the tileset, and THEN can finally start making maps with it.

With this new world area, I decided I needed something different than normal, though. I've nearly exhausted all the ideas I have for obstacles and tricky jumps in the standard Robo-Ninja mechanics. So I decided that for this area, Robo-Ninja will have entered a strange alternate dimension. A dimension where time doesn't flow normally. In fact, time speeds up the longer you stay alive in it. So the challenge of these next rooms is going to be that the game is going to start playing faster and faster as you progress.

Should be interesting.....

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