Saturday, December 19, 2015

LibGDX Game Jam

So this week I'm tentatively starting a project for the LibGDX game jam, a month-long jam with the theme "Life in Space"

Part of the jam is the requirement to document your progress, which I'm doing on their website. I'll try to cross-post a lot of it here as well, but my jam project log page is at

The idea of the game is a very short story-based game where you are a researcher here on earth searching through the stars looking for radio signals that would show evidence of extraterrestrial life in space.  Because of the non-action, story theme, it's very different than other games I've done. And because the goal is to crank something small out quickly, it's been fun (for the 2 hours I've worked on it so far) not worrying about good extensible/general design, but writing just enough code to get the job done.

I'll leave you with a very minimal draft screenshot. The top starfield is where you search for signals. The bottom will be a control panel that lets you analyze radio signals as they come in.

Can I do this in a month? I don't know, but it'll be fun trying.

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