Monday, April 18, 2016

Prepping for 1/2-finished demo

As far as I can think of, I've finished all of the major features of the game now, so mostly what's left is mapping out new rooms, and making new enemies.  I've finished the entire eastern-half of the world map (including dungeons 1 and 2), and so my next goal is to get it all cleaned up, and post another demo on AtariAge to try to get feedback from the fellow Atari nerds.

This week I've been trying to clean up the most obvious bugs, so I can then go back and do some actual play-through tests myself. (I've played through the first dungeon a number of times, but haven't yet played through all the content that I have in sequence -- I just change the starting room to whatever room I'm currently working on).

Things on my radar this week for fixing:

  • When you die, it should automatically select "continue" instead of "start" on the title, so you don't inadvertently start over.
  • Right now, the mechanism for restarting in whatever respawn location you've reached doesn't work - you always start in the first starting room
  • Based on some feedback on AtariAge, I made the first blue slimes a little easier, and made all enemies have a minor "bounce-back" when you attack them.
  • From all y'all's feedback, I've added experience and level-ups. Right now, it's simply based on the average of the enemy's HP and attack power, so I don't have to add another stat for each enemy.

There's still a few minor things: some glitchy stuff where the ball object gets displayed on the title screen, the subscreen doesn't work right when you're in a dark room, etc. I think I can get those hammered out in the next few days so I can start seriously testing!

Here's my world map so far.
(Other than the 6 right-most rooms that I haven't bothered to screenshot yet) 


Lanzz said...

Any plans for pysical (cart) release? I have the pysical GBA version.

Nathan Tolbert said...

I hope to do a physical cart release, although I haven't started working on any of the details yet. I'll post on here as I figure it out!

Thanks for picking up a copy of the GBA version. I hope you'll enjoy this one as well.

Lanzz said...

I played this game (GBA and NDS) long times ago, and it's fun. The quality of physical GBA version is very great. The publisher doing a good job...

For this Atari 2600 version, do you want to release it by yourself or through the publisher? Can't wait for the complete version of this game.

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