Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Progress

I've been quiet, but I've been SLOWLY making progress.  The downtime before and after phase 2 of the Starcraft 2 beta really helped me get a little done.

Recent accomplishments include:
  • I got the first overworld area and the rocky overworld area completely working (the outdoor parts)
  • I've successfully broken up resource loading into the separate areas, so it waits to load graphics resources for the various dungeons until they are needed.
  • HUD stuff including enemy portraits is in place.
  • The subscreen is mostly finished.  I've finished the inventory screen, finished the map screen (and thanks to the nice resolution of the iDevices, the subscreen map is just a tiny image of the actual screenshots for each area, which looks slick, in my opinion), added the enemy database, and still need to do the "options" screen.
  • The base code for saving and loading is in place, but I haven't yet put any UI in for it.  I'm leaning towards auto-saving each time you change rooms, so if you have to quickly turn the game off, you don't lose any progress.
This is really all to easy at this point -- not interesting and challenging enough to really suck me in, which is I guess why it's going slow (plus this being the 3rd platform for the game, it's not as new to me anymore) There haven't really been any technical hurdles in awhile.  Saving and loading, which I thought might be somewhat tricky, were as simple as writing to a file.  The scrolling for the enemy database took a little bit of thought to implement, but nothing noteworthy.

So, I guess, just enjoy some new screenshots:

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