Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Version 1.02

I made a few bug fixes, and released version 1.02.

Changes include:
  • The save filename was changed from anguna.sav (which conflicts with the R4's autosave feature) to anguna.dat
  • Rearranged where graphics data was stored, to see if it makes a difference in the nasty unreproducible bug where occasionally the main character sprite becomes a giant solid-colored square.
  • Fixed a few sections of the overworld map where edges between rooms didn't transition nicely, allowing the player to get stuck.
Thanks to everyone that submitted bugs about these things!

If you update versions, your old save file will still work, but your character's location will be reset to the first overworld room, outside the prison dungeon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Version 1.01

Sverx reported a couple bugs, so I've posted an updated version (AngunaDS version 1.01).

There was an effect in the main theme xm file that LibXM7 didn't support, so I changed that. Also, there'd been a bug for awhile where occasionally the main character could get covered by a big solid-colored square after you continued from dying. It had been reported before, but I haven't been able to find out how to reproduce it. I finally got enough details from Sverx that, although I still can't reproduce it, I have a pretty good theory about what was causing it, and, if that's the case, I can prevented it from occuring again. Let's see if that holds true...if anyone happens to see that behavior in this 1.01 release, please let me know!

Monday, December 1, 2008

AngunaDS v 1.0

Ok, I'm proud to announce AngunaDS version 1.01. (edit: because I updated to a 1.01 version, I'm changing this link for now to point to the updated version)

Thanks go out to:

Chris Hildenbrand (Daydream)

Jessie Tracer (Electric Keet),
Fred Scalliet (Magic Fred /TFL-TDV)

Audio Engine:
LibXM7 by Sverx (version 0.59 beta)

DS Hardware for testing donated by:
Tim Dudek

Also thanks to:

Refmap project
Additional art

Jasper Vijn (Cearn)
Usenti, Tonc,
Code samples, and general awesomeness

And all you testers:
12th&Saturn,Chris Lomaka, Mukunda Johnson, Sverx, Tim Dudek
Jong Lee, Dennis Tseng, Irashtar,
Eric Chiz, Max Neweklowsky, Stevan Baird, Eric Wells,
Alphanoob, another world, Jeremy Gunkel, John Seabaugh, Spiridow

Unfortunately, there were a few features/fixes that I ended up cutting at the end:
  • You can't use the touchscreen to navigate subscreen menus
  • Sleep mode when closing the lid only partially turns things off, and thus still drains the battery faster than it should
  • The main theme song (Hurtless by Magic Fred) is using a few XM effects that LibXM7 doesn't yet support.
  • I didn't add a cool stairs animation like I would have liked
Anyway, as there are most likely still some bugs floating through it, please email me (nathantolbert at google's mail service) if you find any problems.

Enjoy, and thanks for following along!

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