Sunday, October 25, 2015

CivKeyboard to play store

I haven't said much on here recently. Mainly because most of my non-work time has been doing some paid consulting work, (a project involving converting a farm insurance calculator from excel spreadsheets to a web app).

I do have a few things to say, though:

  • Robo-Ninja is now on the Amazon app store (it's now free to publish there, and they had an offer of $100 in AWS credit if you publish your first app there before Nov 1, so I took advantage of that!)
  • Do you remember that custom keyboard I made for playing Civ in DOSBox? I decided to go ahead and publish it on the play store. Google onrejected it the first time for "spam" in the text (they didn't like the Civ and DOSBox in the title I guess), but I reworded it and got it listed. (It's still in beta test mode, so that link might not work for you yet....)
  • Robo-Ninja finally hit 1000 downloads this week. Not particularly amazing, but at least people are finding and playing it.
  • I'm still slowly advancing on the girly game for my daughter. But she hasn't seemed particularly interested in it recently, so maybe I'll go back to focusing a little more time on Atari Anguna. We'll see.

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