Thursday, August 27, 2015

Release!!!! (And beginner mode)

And....Robo-Ninja is released!  It's up on the Play Store (although might take a few hours to appear for everyone).   Thanks for your help, everyone who tested, contributed graphics, ideas, etc.

Or, if you want to donate $1.00 and get to play the "harder" mode, use this one:

  Android app on Google Play

And for all you of you that found the game too difficult, you can thank my friend Bryan who finally convinced me to add an easier "beginner mode."  If you start in beginner mode, the game is 10% slower, and, more importantly, you have unlimited uses of the slowmo and checkpoint items. Being able to set a checkpoint after each set of obstacles makes the game a lot more playable if you aren't into crazy frustrating challenges.

You still have to pick one mode or the other at the start, and if you pick beginner mode, you don't get any achievements or get to post to the leaderboards (big whoop, eh?).

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