Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Minimap and Jenkins Build

Well, after finally get the exporter in Tiled to do what I wanted, (and as a side note: my changes got accepted into the project today. Tiled has one of those maintainers that's actually pleasant to work with!), it was time to make my build scripts to actually generate my minimap. Which made me realize it was time to actually have proper build scripts.

When I started with libGdx (almost a year ago?), it didn't have a good build system prepared with it. You pretty much rolled your own build scripts, or just used the "build" button in your IDE (which embarrassingly, is what I've been doing).  The author has recently come out with a gradle build script, but that would require me going back and updating all of my libGdx stuff to use the newest version. Which I'm not ready to do at the moment.

Well, I found someone else's ant script (yuck!) for how my project is set up, so I figured I could start with that, to at least get a scriptable build started. I'd rather do it all in gradle, but I really don't know enough gradle yet to do it without investing a good bit of time, which is not what I want to focus on now.

Anyway, so today I got the build scripts working, and running on my Jenkins server, so whenever I push my commits to my Bitbucket repository, Jenkins will build the phone version of Robo-Ninja. So I finally don't feel quite as dirty. And when Aaron pesters me to get Robo-Ninja installed on one of our Android devices, I've got a build already put together, accessible via the web browser. (If anyone wants the link to the daily build version to play with, just send me a message.)

Now that I've been fully sidetracked just to make the minimap, it's now time to figure out how to actually display this thing in the game, and for the harder part, figure out the best mechanism for revealing just the parts that the player has seen. This might get tricky.

Wow, when I look at this dinky map of my levels so far, it looks like I really haven't done ANYTHING yet.

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