Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stuck on Items

It's been slow going the last month. Sick kids, more sick kids, a messed up tooth that hurt too bad to concentrate, I've been way too tired to really get much done.

I've added a room or two onto Robo-Ninja, but haven't done much else it with.

On Atari Anguna, I've been stuck on trying to get item drops working. When the enemies all die, an item needs to (maybe) spawn, which means reusing all the enemy state & graphic variables to display and track an item instead of an enemy.

Should be pretty easy. But ugh, it's going slow. Just a lot of code to update all over the place, and somehow my brain isn't able to track it all right now. I sit down to code and I spend 30 minutes and finish about 10 lines of code. (And in 6502 assembly, 10 lines will get about NOTHING done).

Part of the trouble is that it's not very to make incremental visible progress. I need to get a huge chunk of the item code in place before I can really SEE any of it in action, so I don't get that positive feedback of seeing it on the screen.

I'm sure I'll get it figured out eventually. But dang, it's going slow.

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