Sunday, September 20, 2015

Girly game (more about ramps?)

So I've got yet another detour in my hobby coding.  While my son and I were working on Robo-Ninja, my daughter kept asking if she could help me design a game.  She had drawn some rough pictures and had some ideas about what it could be like, but we hadn't really done anything with it.

She asked again recently, so I thought it was time to humor her. She decided it would be a cute little game where she could walk around a neighborhood (in a 2-d side scroller, despite me trying to convince her that it should be a top-down game) to visit friends, and collect items.  Eventually we settled on the idea that she's trying to make a leaf collection for school, so she has to collect leaves.

Well, being a 2-d side scroller, and wanting to see if I can churn this out pretty quickly, I decided to reuse a bunch of the codebase from Robo-Ninja.

So with a few hours work, I was able to pull in a bunch of the main classes from Robo-Ninja, clean up a good bit of stuff, and have something working for her.  The biggest difference is that you can actually control the main character of this game, so I had to re-work the main character a good bit. Which also gave me a chance to redo a bunch of the code that had turned to spaghetti in Robo-Ninja.

Using the knowledge of the mistakes I made from Robo-Ninja, and some tips from that page I referred to in my last post, getting the collisions and movement, particularly on ramps, was quite a bit cleaner. It makes me pretty embarrassed to compare with my Robo-Ninja ramp code, really.

Anyway, the game currently lets you run and jump around. Time to add a little bit of fluff (items, characters to talk to), and it will be half done already. (yeah right, these things always take WAY longer than I'd ever estimate!)

Stanguna is still in my brain, even though I haven't done much with it lately. Someday soon, hopefully....

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