Sunday, September 7, 2008

#4 and the joy of two screens

Well, I found issue #4: Initialization problems again. This time with bullets, instead of enemies. Adding smarter initialization and better checking for null pointers fixed that. Unfortunately, I found out that there's an issue #5 causing half the problems that I had attributed to issue #4. So there's more to be done.

But I will say, I LOVE having two screens. When doing this type of debugging on the gba, it was ridiculously difficult, as I couldn't print debug messages to the screen a lot of the time, as the failure was somewhere in initialization routines that were clearing the screen or changing a lot of the video settings. But now with two screens, I can write all my debug statements to the 2nd screen while the first one is hard at work, or vice versa. It's wonderful. Being able to do that, I think I'll be able to track down bug #5 quickly.

But I want to say what I HATE: my laptop. It locks up randomly every so often. Mostly when I pick it up and move it (explain that?) I came to my other computer to type this post when it locked up a few minutes ago. I posted, sat back down with the laptop, got ready to work again, and it locked up again right away. So I'm back adding this paragraph while it reboots again. Grr-bah.

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