Saturday, February 13, 2016


Ok, I finally took the time to sit down and work on the subscreen, and it turned out to be pretty fun, actually.

For now, I omitted the password portion -- I want to include it, but because the total ROM space is going fast, I want to make sure I have the rest of the content first. So right now the subscreen looks a little weird, all bunched up at the top. I'll spread it out a bit if I decide not to do the password.  And I need to adjust a few things (key colors, horizontal alignment of the keys, etc)

I'm also alternatively considering adding some sort of low-resolution map to the bottom half instead. I have no idea how that might actually work, or if I have any possible way of actually doing it with the limited resources I have. But it sounds cool.

The picture above shows all 6 keys, 17 out of 17 HP, 0 attack and 0 armor (which shouldn't ever happen), 0 arrows, and all the special items (bow, dynamite, lantern, ring, and boots).

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