Friday, June 21, 2019

Stairs and a hoppy guy

One thing that Frankengraphics (the artist I'm working with) suggested was adding 8-pixel tall blocks that the character could run/drive up without jumping. Sort of like ramps, only without the continuous nature. I've been putting it off, because ramps are weird.

I finally decided to tackle it in the last few days. And it turned out that the discrete nature of the steps, combined with how I've handled collisions so far, made them really easy.  As in 30 minutes of work, and they just worked.

Next I decided I needed some hoppy bouncy enemies. Because erratically bouncing enemies are always a giant pain to fight, which is a good thing. My hoppy enemy took a bit longer than I thought to get it working right (a couple of hours for this guy, way longer than my stairs!), but I finally have it working mostly right.  Except that it needs art.  I'm using a random placeholder for now, so it mostly looks like a bouncing cheeseburger.

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