Friday, April 24, 2015

This post needs a subject

Been slowly chugging away, but not much to say.  Other than a big THANK YOU to Tim Dudek for doing some serious testing of Robo-Ninja. He's helped me fix a number of bugs, performance issues, and a few map issues.

Mostly, I've been setting up the overall structure of the game so that each build (android/desktop/etc) can specify more of the behavior specific to that build. That let me add the Google Play Games integration into the Android version but still have everything else work correctly. I'm also planning to add some help text to non-touchscreen versions (desktop, web, and my new plan to use Google's Arc Welder to make a Chrome App as well) to make it more obvious how to play with a keyboard.

Then, now that I started that, it made sense to finally break Aaron's mode out into a separate build, to remove it from the "real" build. (if you recall, he started making his own levels (Geesh, that was more than 2 years ago. That's an eternity in a kid's life))

I also need to actually finish the final boss fight. I made the story cutscene that shows when you enter his room. Now I need to actually script the fight itself. I've come up with the idea of how I want the fight to work, but it's going to take a bit of work.

I've mostly pushed Atari Anguna (and my Bot-Box tutorial for Chris) to the backburner for now, trying to get closer to finishing Robo-Ninja. But I did finally sit down with Atari Anguna today and give it at least a little love, getting the next major chunk of the game engine working: enemy missiles. Well, that should really be missile singular -- I'm only supporting one missile at a time. But it only took about an hour to get them in place, so my orange slime can now shoot blobs of goo. Well, you have to use your imagination. It looks more like a dot....

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